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Consulting Contract Basics

This contract targets online services such as web design, online marketing and software development.

Important for the freelancer...

Having a consulting contracts is vital for freelancers, consultant and remote-workers. This legal contract proves that they deserve to be paid for the work they do. Besides this, it also benefits the freelancer by:
  • Showing trustworthiness, by acting like a professional.
  • Allows both side to have a clear understanding on the payment.
  • The customer agrees to pay for freelancer's expenses related to the project (ie: buy new tools, software license that are needed to complete the project).

... and important for the customer too!

As a customer, it can be daunting to hire new consultants. A lot of things could go wrong: the freelancer would deliver a work non conform with the initial requirements, he could use or leak confidential data, or not deliver anything after an initial payment... That's why it is important to use a legal contract to be protected by the law.

If you wish to protect your business information, you should consider using a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
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