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Non-Disclosure Agreements in Singapore

In order to keep a competitive edge on the market, use a Non-Disclosure Agreement to secure your data and business information. Using an NDA for your new contracts, with your contractors, collaborators, partners or when pitching to a bank or capital angels investors and anytime your sensitive data is at stake will ensure your results and plans don’t go straight to your competitors. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (or Confidentiality Agreement) will also grant credibility in the eyes of your partners.

Do I need a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A simple Non-Disclosure Agreement can help you when:
  • You are a business and wish to keep your data protected from public or competitors
  • You are a contractor and wish to gain credibility with your clients, as well as formalize how your information should be shared.

What information is covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement doesn’t cover any and all data shared with your contractor/partner/client. Anything that is public can’t be covered by a NDA. However, you can decide to cover everything else. Usually a NDA protects:
  • Business database information
  • Sales and marketing data and future plans
  • Software, passwords and process
  • Details of an invention
  • Company specificities

What happens if a NDA is breached?

When signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, both parties commit to not sharing information to third parties, or to the public. In the event of a leak of information, the contract is breached and the damaged party can claim compensation, and even sue the other party.

What you can't protect with a Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Some information can’t be subject to a NDA. For example: If the recipient know the information before signing the NDA, if he got a more detailed information from another source, and most importantly, if the information is made public. Common knowledge information is obviously impossible to cover. Make sure to contact a lawyer or attorney if you want to know if your specific information can be covered by a NDA.

Other names for a Non-Disclosure Agreement:

The short form often used is NDA, but it can also be called Non Disclosure Form, Confidentiality Agreement, Confidentiality Statement or Confidentiality Clause.

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