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How to lend money to a friend with the guarantee of being paid back? With a promissory note document, lending money to friends or family is easy and secured!

Friendly Loan Agreement in less than 5minutes!

Fill in our promissory note form and receive your pdf contract in less than five minutes!

Private Loans with interests

Select the interest rate you think most suitable, and repayment date, as well as a security in case of default on the repayment.

Promissory notes are a type of loans that are often forgotten, yet they are a very simple way to borrow money from a friend. Small loans are the most suitable, but you can also use it to refinance a loan, obtain a student loan from your parents or simply to even to buy a car.
Beware that you can't use a promissory template to run an unofficial money lending business. Please refer to Moneylenders Act.

More info on our FAQ for Promissory Notes.

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