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Many think that there is no need for a website Terms and Conditions page because it is a dull document in fine print that no one ever reads anyway. But think again! Terms and Conditions may not be a compulsory requirement by law, but it is definitely wise to have one. Here are some reasons why:
  • PROTECTS YOUR RIGHTS: It protects your legal rights by clearly stating to the User how he should and should not use the website.
  • HELPS THE COURT: Should a dispute with a User end up in court, the first thing that a court will look at is your website terms and conditions, because it is a contract between you and the User that the court will look at to interpret the dispute. Hence, the more clearly you write the Terms and Conditions, the more likely it is for the court to rule in your favour.
  • LIMITS YOUR LIABILITY: It limits your liability in the event of disputes and in the unfortunate scenario that your User takes the dispute to court. For instance, there will be a clause that states that you will not be held responsible for mistakes in your website content and you are not responsible for the content that users or third parties post on your website. This could come in useful in the event of a defamation suit, for example, to make it clear that you were not the one making the allegedly defamatory statement.
  • PROTECTS YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: There is a section in the website Terms and Conditions setting out that the content on your website is copyrighted and restricts users from selling or redistributing the content on your website without your permission. This gives you the extra security that the ideas you create will not be unfairly copied by others.
  • DECIDES THE JURISDICTION: The terms and conditions includes a provision that any disputes will be settled in Singapore by the Singapore courts. This gives clarity on the country from which your website is operating, and gives you the freedom to choose the jurisdiction whose laws you wish to abide by. This is extremely important because if you did not have this clause, you might end up being sued in another jurisdiction that you do not wish to be associated with. Should you require any amendment on this (e.g. wish for this terms and conditions to be governed by the laws of another country, or by other dispute resolution methods like arbitration), feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will make the necessary changes for free.


The website Terms and Conditions we provide cover the following sections:
  • Website owner details (customized)
  • Acceptable use of the website
  • Prohibited use of the website
  • Right for owners to change the agreement at any time
  • Intellectual Property protection
  • Links to third party websites
  • Acceptable and prohibited use of communication services (e.g. forums, chat areas, bulletin boards) on the website
  • Dispute resolution clause
  • Disclaimers and limitation of liability
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